222518 with Head and Tail Plastic Inserts

Code: 220818
  •  Sarv Manufactures a range more than 100 varierty of high quality Tyre changer accessories -Tire Changer Mount/Demount Tool Heads and Inserts in steel and plastic.
  •  The Steel mount Demount tool heads are made from high quality , durable stainless steel and are perfect for steel wheels.
  • Sarv mount demount heads and inserts are very sturdy and high quality.
  •  They make the mounting and demounting processes easy while working on automatic tyre changing machines as they are designed to suit the shape of the rim.
  •  They have very smooth finish which reduces the friction while mounting or demounting the tyre over them.
  •  This particular model is designed for standard Passenger Car Tyres.
  • This Sarv Tyre Changer Duckhead is made of premium cast steel for durable use and repeated long time service.
  •  Comes with 2 side locking screws for better fitment.
  •  Insertion Hole Diameter 28mm.
  •  Comes with attached plastic inserts to prevent the wheels from scratches and damage.
  •  replaceable with SARV part numbers Head Plastic Insert 220528 for interior protection of rims and specially designed Thin TAIL inert 220928 (black) , 220928Y (Yellow) Tail insert for exterior protection of the rims.
  • Note: Plastic Head Inserts Sarv # 220938, 220838, 220528, 221438, 221338, and Plastic Tail Inserts Sarv # 220928, 220928Y fits on this Model.
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Weight: 600gms
Bore_dia: 28mm
Material: Made out of Special Spring Steel. Nickel Plating.

Packing Details

Box Size 34x29x13cm
No. of Pcs/Box 30 Pcs
Gross Weight 15.900kg