32mm Chrome Protect Dust Cap loose wheel nut Indicator Botton Arrow

Code: 224332CH
  • SARV’S CHROME PROTECT Dust Caps combine the effectiveness of the wheel nut indicator with a cap which helps to protect the wheel nut from corrosion ,dust, damage and gives a visual indication of loose wheel nuts and come in a beautiful and attractive Chrome finish.
  • The indicator has a bottom pointer.
  • These Indicators are filled with soft plastic insert.
  • They are made from heavy duty & high quality durable plastic.
  • The soft plastic insert filled inside provides better grip with lug nut and makes them easy to put and take off.
  • Available in sizes 19mm,21mm,32mm,33mm. Sold as a set of 10 Pcs
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Material: ABS Plastic.
Size: 32mm
Color: Chrome
Weight: 45gms
Type: Bottom arrow