Tyre Valve Installation Tool with Valve Core Remover (Heavy Duty) Black

Code: 3300123
  • Sarv manufactures a range of high quality Tyre Valve Installation tools or Ventifix. These tools are used to install and remove snap-in rubber Tyre valves effectively and efficiently without damaging the valve or removing the valve core.
  •  They are designed to fit/thread over passenger car tyre and light commercial vehiclevalve stems.
  •  Very easy to install and use.
  •  Just thread the valve tool on the valve stem through the valve hole in the rim.
  •  Now simply pull the valve stem through the valve hole by applying leverage against the wheel rim.
  •  Very robust and durable in application , the stem is made up of high quality plastic , perfect for protecting Alloy rims.
  •  Head can be swiveled in both the directions to help screw valves from different directions.
  •  This model is extra heavy duty because of wider base and can easily install all length valves with all rim widths.
  •  This 2in 1 model comes with a built in Valve core tool to quickly remove and install valve cores on and off valve stem.
  •  Made from high quality plastic for extended durability and strength.
  •  Length : 290mm to provide leverage to remove stubborn valve stems.
  •  Color Black. Also Comes in Red Color SARV No. 330023 , and Yellow Sarv No. 3300223
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Weight: 95gms
Material: Made out of polyamide-6.

Packing Details

Box Size 34x29x20cm
No. of Pcs/Box 100 Pcs
Gross Weight 10.350kg