5 Pin Wheel Alignment Clamp with Grab arms

Code: 5541024
  • Sarv’s premium Wheel Alignment Clamp with 5 pin holds the wheels from its side walls rather than traditional wheel rims. This provides a better grip to the clamp and also prevents the damage caused to the rims if any with the insertion of the wheel clamp adaptors in traditional method.
  • Made from high quality steel to provide firm group while holding the tire side wall.
  • Comes with a spring loaded locking mechanism to ensure clamp sits well on the tyre and at the desired position.
  • The 5 legs of the wheel clamp are inserted on the wheel holes for support.
  • The tyre is grabbed by 2 grab arms from the tread area on the sides and securely fits on the rim. The screw knob in the centre is rotated to adjust the degree of firmness of the grab arms to the tyre.
  • Can easily fir on the tyres with rims size from 12”-24””
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Weight: 4.400kg
Bore Size: 15mm
Material: Aluminum Casting with Red Powder Coating.


Packing Details

Box Size 39x30x20cm
No. of Pcs/Box 2 Pcs
Gross Weight 10.200kg