8″ Truck Rasp Screw Driver Handle Tyre Repair Tool

Code: 4400214
  • Sarv Specialises in manufacturing a variety of Tyre Puncture Repair tools for quick and easy tyre repair.
  •  We manufacture a range of Open Eye Needles, Close Eye Needles and Spiral probes in different sizes for cleaning the injury and inserting the Temporary Repair Tubeless Tyre Puncture Repair Strings.
  •  All Sarv Spiral probe and Open eye needle handles are ergonomically designed for easy and superior grip.
  • All Sarv Spiral Probe and rasps are extra sturdy to easily move through Tyre walls to clean the injury area and applying Tyre cement before inserting the puncture repair strings or plugs.
  •  This tool has rasp design which provides greater strength to ream through stiff walls.
  •  This particular rasp needle with Screw Driver Handle is 8″ Long.
  •  Thickness 6mm.
  •  Handle color Red.
  •  Use for Truck/Bus , Commerical Vehicle Tyre Repair.
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Weight: 100gms

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Box Size 39x29x15cm
No. of Pcs/Box 50 Pcs
Gross Weight 5.550kg