Adhesive/Stick on/ Wheel Balance Weight Plier/Remover

Code: 110204


  •  Wheel Balancing Accessory -Sarv’s Adhesive weight remover with specially designed teeth and angled jaw easily removes stick on weights/adhesive weight strips/ adhesive weight tape safely without damaging expensive alloy rims.
  •  Made from chrome vanadrem steel/Special Alloy, This plier provides more leverage and strength in the removal process.
  •  The jaws are made upto 260mm to ensure gripping of majority of adhesive weights sizes.
  •  Angled jaws help in easy gripping of the weight and do not touch the rims. Quick and easy removal of the weights.
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  •  Extremely easy to use.The jaws grip the starting weight of the tape without touching the rims. Force can be applied to pull the weight. Once the starting weight of the tape is pulled out from the tape, the remaining tape can be pulled out by hand.
  •  Rubberized PVC coated handles provide firm and no slip comfortable grip, which helps in providing more leverage to the tool. This tool comes in RED PVC coating.
Weight: 425gms
Size: 260mm long
Material: Chrome Vanadium Steel / Special Alloy.

Packing Details

Box Size 46x33x27cm
No. of Pcs/Box 50 Pcs
Gross Weight 22.400kg