Ball Bearing Roller Stitcher (Stitching Wheel 1- 1/2″ Diameter X 1/4″ Width) for Tyre Repair Patch

Code: 443861
  • Use Sarv’s High quality stitchers to securely paste the tyre repair patch over the injury area by forcing out any/all trapped air bubbles for perfect adhesion.
  • Extremely easy to use, just roll the stitcher through the length of the patch from middle to outside to eliminate all air bubbles and form a perfect seal between the tyre and the patch.
  •  Comes with Deep-cut gear-like teeth on the roller that provide more penetrating pressure to remove trapped air.
  •  Metal wheel ensure adequate pressure and Wooden handle for better grip.
  •  Comes with a ball bearing roller for easy rolling of the wheel.
  •  Used for Tyre Tube repair the same way.
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Weight: 160gms
Dia: 38mm
Thickness: 6mm

Packing Details

Box Size 55x30x20cm
No. of Pcs/Box 125 Pcs
Gross Weight 22.000kg