Heavy Duty Passenger Car Tyre & Tube Bench Spreader

Code: 4400120
  • Sarv Manufactures a range of heavy duty and sturdy Tyre Spreaders for efficient tyre puncture repair that hold the tyre in place and spread the tyre bead for inspection and Tyre repair.
  • A must for all Tyre repair workshops, it makes the Tyre repair fairly easy as operators can easily work on a particular patch as it spreads the Tyre bead for that section to provide clearer working space and holds the tyre still.
  •  This particular tyre spreader comes with chome handles that provide strength and durability to open even stiff tyre beads.
  •  Handle comes with a non slip grip.
  •  Additionally it has a fixed attachment to hold the Tyre tube in place for further repair work.
  •  This spreader can be easily mounted on any standard passenger car tyre changer machine.
  •  Extremely easy to operate – just bolt the spreader to your work bench, place the tyre on the spreader, and pull the handle to spread the beads.
  •  Or , place the tube on the spreader and fix it with tube attachment in place.
  •  Use for Passenger Car and light weight truck Tyres.
  •  Avoid the need of bolting the tyre spreader , and keep a separate equipment for Tyre repair for continous use, we recommened SARV equipment 4400520 which comes with a stand, and be easily kept at any area of your workshop.
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Weight: 5.600kg
Material: CRC Steel.
Size: L-457mm, W-127mm, H-254mm.

Packing Details

Box Size 46x33x27cm
No. of Pcs/Box 2 Pcs
Gross Weight 12.200kg