Manual Tubeless 17.5″ Tyre Mount Demount Tool Kit

Code: 220905
  • Most Famous Sarv Manual Tyre changing Kit for 17.5″ Tubeless Van and Trailer Tires , simplifies the traditional way of changing the tyres!.
  • Sarv Manufactures a range of very sturdy and robust Tyre Levers which aid in easy Tyre Mounting and Demounting applications , and are durable for longer use .
  • All Sarv Tyre Levers are made of heavy duty steel which provide enough strength to mount and demount tires with even stiff beads.
  • This is a very specialised Tool Kit to manually change tubeless 17.5″ Van and Trailer Tires and is just a 1 man job!.
  • With this specialised tool kit an operator can easily mount in less than 15 seconds and demount the tire in less than 10 seconds.
  • Extremely Easy to use tool kit.
  • The Demounting Tyre Lever 221414 is specially designed, manufactured and patented by SARV for 17.5″ Tyres.
  • This lever easily removes the top bead and problematic bottom bead without lifting rims.
  • Mounting lever used along with Bead holding tool for 17.5″ tyres easily moutns back the top bead and both bead without lifting the rim in less than 15 seconds.
  • This is a complete kit and you do not require any additional tools for tyre changing.
  • Sarv’s manufactured Impact bead breaker is spring operated and provides enough force to break the bead and not damage it.
  • Premium quality tyre lubricant made from vegetable grease is quick drying and provides ideal lubrication for tyre changing. Comes with a tyre paste brush which helps in easy application in and around the bead.
  • Bead Breaker helps in securing the bead againt slipping while mounting the tyre.
  • All the Kit items can be purchased again , with code numbers written infront.
  • Valve core screw driver is used to install /remove valve cores for tyre inflation and deflation.
  • Kit comes in a linen high quality bag with castor wheels for easy storage and portibility The bag is optional to purchase kit contains the following items
  • Mounting Lever for Tubless Truck/busses  Tyre 220814 – 1 No.
  • Demounting Lever for Tubeless Truck/buses Tyre 221414 – 1 No.
  • Impact Bead Breaker 220134 -1 No.
  • Valve Core Screw Driver 330002-1No.
  • Bead Holder 220513 – 1 No.
  • Sarv Tyre  lubricant 1Kg 2200130 – 1 No.
  • Brush 220415 1 No.
  • Bag with Wheels 220412 – 1No.
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The Kit contains the following items :

Product Name Qty Weight Code No.
Bag with Wheels (optional) 1 No. 4.600kg 220412
Mounting Lever 1 No. 3.400kg 220814
Demounting Lever 1 No. 6.500kg 221414
Impact Bead Breaker 1 No. 10.500kg 220134
Bead Holding Tool 1 No. 250gms 220513
Valve Core Screw Driver 1 No. 25gm 330002
Sarv Paste (Economy) 1 No. 1.000kg 2200130
Brush for Truck Tyre 1 No. 150gms 220415
Duster 1 No. 15gms D0015


Weight: 25.400kg

Packing Details

Box Size 129x23x16cm
No. of Pcs/Box 1 kit
Gross Weight 24.200kg