Motorcycle Adaptor Kit for Tyre changer Machine

Code: 220040
  •  Sarv’s high quality Motorcycle adaptor kit effectively increases or decreases clamping range of wheel clamp jaws for changing Motorcycle tyres on Passenger Car Tyre Changers.
  • Due to it’s higher height it can also be used for tyre changing tyres of electric vehicles having motor fitted.
  • These adaptors can be easily installed on the exisiting wheel clamp jaws of the passenger car tyre changers with screw bolts , converting it to a motorcycle tyre changer !
  • These have plastic covers installed to save aluminium rims from scratches
  • These motorcycle adaptors also increase the clamping height of the motorcycle wheels , helping rear wheels to be clamped on the adaptor without the need to remove the hub.
  • Made from high quality steel , these extrenely durable and sturdy.
  • Plastic Protection Kit 220039P works also for 220040.
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Weight:  2.200kg
Size: L-151mm, W-36.5mm, H-153mm
Material : Special Steel
Finish : White Zinc Plating

Packing Details

Box Size 34x29x14cm
No. of Kit/Box 1 Kit (Packed as set of 4 Pcs)
Gross Weight 8.600kg