Pistol Grip Tyre Repair Kit with needle stand

Code: 4400011KIT
  • Sarv’s Premium quality All in 1 Pistol T- Handle Kit for Tyre Puncture Repairs contains :

Pistol Grip Handle       —-                                    1 No.                            4400011H

Spiral Probe                   5″                                      1 No.                            PG-6

Open Eye Needle          4″                                      1 No.                            PG-1

Allen Key                        —-                                    1 No.                            PG-7

Needle Stand .               —-                                    1 No.                            NSTAND

  • The needle stand is used for keeping the other needle handy when not in use.
  •  All items are avaible for replacement as per part numbers.All the tools are made from high quality plastic for tough repair work.
  •  Totally portable , the needle are easily interchangebale with allen key provided.
  •  The needles are also high quality to easily clean the injured area and insert the puncture repair plugs and strings.
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Product Qty Code No.
Pistol Grip Handle 1 No. 4400011KIT
Spiral Probe 1 No. PG-6
Spiral Probe 1 No. PG-1
Open Eye Needle 1 No. PG-7
Needle Stand 1 No. NSTAND


Weight: 382.5gms