Plastic Inserts of Tyre Mount/ Demount Tools ( Set of 5 Pcs. )

Code: 223538
  • Sarv manufactures a range of high quality Plastic/Nylon Mount Demount duckhead Inserts/ Rim Protectors designed for scratch free tyre changing operations on automatic motorcycle/passenger car tyre changer machines .
  • These protect the rims from them damage against Steel mount demount tool heads while changing the tyres.
  • All the Plastic inserts are shaped/designed according to the Steel Mount Demount Duck heads , which are designed according to the edge of the rim.
  • Our range of Plastic inserts include more than 30 designs which are equipped for most of the tyre changers in the market.
  • Packed as a set of 5 Nos.
  • Color: White.
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Material: Made from Special Durable Plastic (Nylon 6).
Weight: 6gms
Colour: White

Packing Details

Box Size 44x44x36cm
No. of Set/Box 500 Sets (Packed as set of 5 Pcs)
Gross Weight 17.100kg