Rear Plastic Clamping JawCover for tyre changers.

Code: 2201221
  • Sarv manufactures a range of high quality plastic jaw protectors for covering the steel jaws on the Tyre changer plates.
  •  These clip on REAR plastic jaw guard , covers the rear part of the steel jaw.
  •  Made from high quality nylon and very durable.
  •  Manufactured in various size and shape and can be used on most tyre changers in the market.
  •  Designed to completely cover the jaw , so that it maintains a strong grip and remain secured on the jaw while tire changing , and does not come out.
  •  For use on passenger car tyre changers.
  • Set of 4 plastic jaw covers.
  •  Color Yellow.
  • Front jaw of cover of the same series in SARV Part no. 2200721 and 2200721Y.
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Weight: 22gms

Packing Details

Box Size 48x48x40cm
No. of Set/Box 125 Sets (Packed as set of 4 Pcs)
Gross Weight 13.100kg