Sarv Super Seal -Mushroom Type Tubeless Tyre Puncture Repair Kit

Code: 440027
  • Sarv Specialises in Tools for quick, easy Permanent and Temporary Tubeless Tyre Puncture Repair.
  • We offer a variety of Puncture Repair Kits for Moto, Bike, Passenger Cars, SUV, Trucks & Buses.
  • This particular Permanent repair tubeless tyre puncture kit comes in a cardboard box for storing tools.
  • It contains Mushroom Patches in 3mm , 6mm sizes for 3mm and 6mm hole type tyre injury.
  • Sarv’s high quality mushroom patches securely seal the tyre inner lining without leaving any air passage, perfect for permanent repair.
  • Round Buffing stone in the kit is ideal for buffing the tyre inner lining, to create a smooth surface for securely pasting the mushroom patches.
  • Designed for Car, SUV Puncture repair.
  • Kit Containts the Following Items :
  • Mushroom Patches 3mm , 440127 -10 Nos.
  • Mushroom Patches 6mm , 440227 – 5 Nos.
  • Tube of Solution 20ml -5 No.
  • Angular Milling Cutter (HSS) 6mm , 4401617 – 1 No.
    * Angular Milling Cutter (HSS) 3mm , 4400317 – 1 No.
  • Round Buffing Stone 38mm 4400627 – 1 No.
  • Stitcher for Mushroom Puncture Kit 440727
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The Kit contains the following items :

Product Name Qty Size Code No.
Mushroom Patch 10 No. 3mm 440127
Mushroom Patch 5 No. 6mm 440227
Tube of Solution 5 No. 20ml 440827
Angular Milling Cutter 1 No. 6mm 4401617
Angular Milling Cutter 1 No. 3mm 4400317
Spherical Rasp 1 No. 38mmø 440627
Special Sticher for Mushroom Kit 1 No. 440727


Weight: 350gms

Packing Details

Box Size 48X48X40cm
No. of Kit/Box 30 Kit
Gross Weight 16.100kg