Short Tyre Lever Boot Plastic Protection Sleeve

Code: 220009
  • Tire Mounting Demount Bar Plastic Protective Cover for Tire Changers 20″ and 24″ pry bars
  • Heavy duty nylon cover slides over tire bead lift and rest on edge of wheel to prevent bar from hitting wheels and damaging them.
  • This design allows bar to still slide in and out of the wheel while the protector stays put on the edge of the rim.
  • This is a HEAVY DUTY nylon sleeve / protector sock for most 20″ and 24″ pry bars sold with your tire changer.
  • It is very durable because it is made nylon which hold up to abuse yet will flex instead of crack or break.
  • This protector goes over the tire side of your pry bar to prevent your metal bar from making direct contact with the rim, preventing possible slippage and damage. It has two lips/ edges built to help control the bar when under heavy load.
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Weight: 11gms
Material: Nylon-6.

Packing Details

Box Size 39x30x20cm
No. of Pcs/Box 200 Pcs
Gross Weight 3.500kg