Special Long Tyre Mounting Paste Brush

Code: 221015
  • Sarv’s Manufactures a wide of range of high quality Tyre mounting paste /bead lubricants applicator brushes. These are used for applying mounting creams or tyre mounting pastes onto tyre beads during mounting demounting /tyre changing of Moto, Passenger car, truck and OTR tyres.
  •  This particular rounded Mounting paste brush with wooden handle is angled , ideal for applying tyre mounting pastes with ease.
  •  Ideal for applying bead lubricants on truck and OTR tires.
  •  See our mounting paste range
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Weight: 47gms
Dia: 25mm
Length Handle: 340mm

Packing Details

Box Size 46x33x27cm
No. of Pcs/Box 100 Pcs
Gross Weight 5.700kg