Tyre Bead Breaking/ Tyre Bead Loosener Rubber Pad P 440mm x 120mm x35mm

Code: 551204
  • Sarv is proud to announce a wide range of High Quality Rubber Pads for Car lifts, Jacks, Tyre Changers etc.
  •  All our rubber pads are manufactured from solid high quality virgin natural rubber SBR with textile fibre that provides extra strength against mechanical stress and abrasion, durability and longetivity.
  •  This particular rubber pad is used on Passenger Car Tyre Changers to avoid scratches on the rims while breaking the bead.
  •  Comes with 6 bolt holes to secure them on the side of the tyre changer.
  •  LxBxH : 440mm x120mm x 35mm.
  •  Available in various other Sizes and designs.
  • Please check our range of rubber pads.
  • Weight : 1.620 kgs
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Weight:  1.7kgs

Packing Details

Box Size 46x33x27cm
No. of Pcs/Box 20 Pcs
Gross Weight 35.000kg