Tyre Branding Tool

Code: 610005
  • Sarv Specialises in manufacturing a variety of Tyre Puncture Repair tools for quick and easy tyre repair.
  •  We manufacture a range of Open Eye Needles, Close Eye Needles and Spiral probes in different sizes for cleaning the injury and inserting the Temporary Repair Tubeless Tyre Puncture Repair Strings.
  •  All close eye needle Sarv Spiral probe and Open eye needle handles are ergonomically designed for easy and superior grip.
  • All Sarv Spiral Probe are extra sturdy to easily move through Tyre walls to clean the injury area and applying Tyre cement before inserting the puncture repair strings or plugs.
  •  This particular Spiral Probe needle with Plastic Screw Driver Type Handle is 4″ Long.
  •  Handle color Black.
  • Use for Passenger Car , SUV Vehicle Tyre Repair.
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Weight: 3.25kg
Size: Big
Description: Single Slot Holds Four (Max), 1Inch Replaceable Letters
Numbers: 1 “ Number 0-9 are Located Around the Outside of Head
Letters: A-Z under Slot
Power use: 1000W

Packing Details

Box Size 39x29x16cm
No. of Pcs/Box 100 Pcs
Gross Weight 6.300kg