Tyre Changer Rim Clamp for Low Profile Tyres with rope

Code: 2200311
  • Sarv manufactures a wide range of high quality Tyre changer rim clamps to push /hold the stiff tyre beads below the rim flange which aids in mounting and demounting tires .
  • This particular tyre rim clamp is designed universally with passenger car low profile side walls and run flats tyres.
  • Made of high-quality and durable nylon plastic.
  • Easily used while mounting demounting Expensive wheel rims as it provides a scratch free application.
  • Extremely easy to use as it comes with a steel screw and nut design to achieve maximum pressure on the bead.
  • Sliding bottom guide decreases stress on tool and tire and acts as a point of contact between the two.
  • It is replacebale with part number 2200311C.
  • Used with most Automatic Tyre Changer Machines that come without helper arm.
  • Designed ergonimically for operator ease in removing /installing.
  • Latest design with rope for easy installation and removal of the tool.
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Weight: 385gms
Material: Nylon-6.


Packing Details

Box Size 55x30x20cm
No. of Pcs/Box 35 Pcs
Gross Weight 16.600kg