Wheel Alignment Clamp Adaptor Finger Tool

Code: 550218
  • Sarv Manufactures a range of Wheel Alignment adaptors or Finger tools for Wheel Alignment Clamps. These aid in installation of the wheel clamp on the wheels.
  • Every clamp uses 4 pcs of these tools.
  • Manufactured from high quality steel and durable , sturdy enough to securely keep the clamps installed on the wheel without any damage or slippage.
  • Use on your preferred wheel clamp or SARV Wheel Clamp Part no. 5521024
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Length: 44mm
Dia: 10mm
Weight: 36gms
Material: Made from Stainless Steel & Carbon Steel.

Packing Details

Box Size 34x29x13cm
No. of Pcs/Box 250 Pcs
Gross Weight 11.000kg