Wheel Balancer 2.9″-4.4″ Large Self Centering Tapered Cone- 36mm Shaft

Code: 11791103
  • Sarv’s high quality Wheel balancing small tapered cone is a great support wheel balancing accessory that can be univerally used on wheel balancers with 36mm shaft of small /light passenger car wheels.
  • They are tried and tested to easily fit wheels on the balancing machines from the inner side according to their sizes.
  • Cone Size : Cone Size : 2.9″ – 4.4″ or Dia 74mm-122mm
  • Made from high quality steel for durability and strength.
  • Suitable for aluminum, steel or alloy wheels.
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Weight: 2.100kg
Rim Hole Size: Dia 74.0 -112mm