Wheel Balancer Pressure Cup 6″ with Rubber Ring 40mm Shaft

Code: 1104052
  • Sarv’s Wheel balancing pressure cup 6″ for Quick Release Nut is used for proper positioning of wheel balancer wing nut or quick release clamp with 40mm shafts .
  • They help the quick release nuts/wing nuts/front wing nut for locking the wheels from outside.
  • It is comes along with Rubber ring to protect wheels from damage.
  • Rubber ring is replacable with part number 1104052R
  • These are made with high impact nylon and are durable and sturdy.
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Weight: 480gms
Dia: 150mm
Height: 76mm
Material: PA6 glass filled.

Packing Details

Box Size 48x48x40cm
No. of Pcs/Box 25 Pcs
Gross Weight 15.500kg