Wheel Weight Plier & Hammer Tire Balancer Tool with Soft Hammer Head

Code: 110003
  • Wheel Balancing Accessory -SARV Wheel Weight Plier and hammer with long hammer head made for removing, installing, cutting and tightening clip on wheel weights for correct wheel balancing.
  •  SARV specialises in manufacturing garage tools, Equipment, accessories and Manufacturing over 20 Varieties of Wheel Balancing weight pliers.
  •  SARV Wheel weight hammer is manufactured in compliance with international industry standards and constructed with sheet metal of EN9 steel to provide maximum strength and durability.
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  •  This particular hammer has a long hammer head which helps in easy striking on the weight while installing it on the rims.
  •  The hammer head is covered in a plastic nylon cap for protection of specially coated weights and expensive rims.
  •  The plier has a heavy commercial duty design. The hook on the wheel weight plier is used for removing the weights from the rim by hooking into the hole of the weight. The cutter helps in tightening or trimming the wheel weight.
  •  Rubberized PVC coated handles provide firm and no slip comfortable grip, which helps in providing more leverage to the tool. This tool comes in RED PVC coating.
  •  The plier is sand blasted with auto black finish.
Material: Sheet metal of EN9 Steel, hardened and tempered.
Finish: Sand Blasted Auto Black, PVC coated handles for hand protection.
Weight: 400gms
Size: 240mm long

Packing Details

Box Size 39x30x20cm
No. of Pcs/Box 50 Pcs
Gross Weight 22.900kg