Wheel Weight Scraper Tool/ Adhesive Balance Weight Removal Tool – Premium

Code: 110056
  • Wheel Balancing Accessory -Sarv’s Adhesive wheel weight scraper or removal tools are made from durable, hard impact resistant plastic with single plastic construction to primarily remove/scrape wheel stick on weights without damaging the alloy wheel rims.
  • The tool is flexible enough to follow the shape of the wheel to easily scrape the adhesive weights. The edge is thinned at the top to easily slide under the weights and continues to stay sharp after multiple uses.
  • Because it is made from high resistant plastic, it can also cover all tough removal jobs such as removing decals, pin stripes, gaskets, emblems, and body molding without scratching or damaging metal, glass, and paint or vehicle surface.
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  • Our tool is designed with beveled edge which provides additional leverage to lift hard old weights and scrapes them off the wheel rim.
  • The Grip is designed in way that it prevents hands from slipping during the activity.
    This tool comes in RED colour.
Material: PA6
Hardness  Tough but Flexible
Size: 272 mm long
Color: Red
Weight: 85 gms

Packing Details

Box Size 39x29x15cm
No. of Pcs/Box 50 Pcs
Gross Weight 21.400kg