Flexible Pump Ring 17.5″ for LCV Tyres

Code: 224217
  • Sarv’s Flexible Pump rings or tyre bead seater are a perfect solution to inflate the tyres without worrying about Air leakages!!
  • This particular Flexible pump ring is designed for 17.5″ rim dia LCV rims .
  • The pump ring is inserted over the rim with the help of the tyre bead sealant/ tyre mounting paste.
  • It is used for bent rims, hard-to-seat radial or bias-belted tires.
  • As tire is inflated, Sarv Pump ring forms a seal between the rim and tire( cancelling air leakage), allowing the air pressure to force the tyre bead into the rim flange.
  • As the tire is fully inflated, the pump ring slides out over the rim.
  • Made from high quality flexible rubber.
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Size: 17.5in.
Weight: 750gms
Sectional-dia: 25mm