Heavy Duty Wheel Alignment Turn Plate for light Commercial Vehicles

Code: 1100217
  • Sarv manufacturers a range of high precision Wheel Alignment Turn plates for high accuracy in Wheel Alignment Measurements.
  •  Turn plates are free floating with 360 degree movement in all directions , due to Steel balls underneath in a plastic cage which provide a low friction movement , and aid measure a variety of Alignment angles with accuracy.
  •  All Sarv Turn plates are robust with industrial grade designs and perfect for long term use.
  •  This Particular turn plate is heavy duty with load carrying capacities of 2.5 ton each and is zinc plated.
  • 48 Steel balls of dia 12mm are used in steel cage.
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Size: L-350mm, W-400mm, H- 50mm
Capacity: 2500kg each
Dia: Top Plate – 350mm
Weight: 27.400kg
Material: Special Steel. 48 Steel balls(Ø12mm) used in steel cage

Packing Details

Box Size 50x44x19cm
No. of Pcs/Box 2 Pcs
Gross Weight 58.100kg