Rim Lock Ring Fitting/ Removal Tool Kit (For Tube-Type Tyres)

Code: 220303
  •  Most Famous Sarv Manual Tyre changing Kit for Multipiece 20″ Truck Tubetype Tires , simplifies the traditional way of openining and locking the rings.
  • The Kit is specialised to Remove and replace 2 Piece and 3 peice rims on Truck 20″ Tubetype Tyres.
  • 220914 is a specialised tyre lever tool to remove Single Lock Ring on 2 peice Rims. It is very sturdy and made from forged high-grade carbon steel and heat-treated for long-lasting strength and durability.
  • The Jaws of the tool are designed to securely fit on the lug nut hole and flange.
  • The Lever takes the leverage against the lug nut to remove the flange/locking ring from the rim on 2 peice rims.
  • Tyre levers 220008 and 220003 are ursed in removing the 3 peice rims. 220003 is inserted between the space between top most lock ring and 220008 is inserted between the two lock rings. applying enough pressure with both the levers, the lock rings starts to come out.
  • Once the top lock rings comes out, it is easy to remove the second ring.
  • Screw Driver is used for removing and installing the tyre valve core.
  • Tyre Mounting levers or Ring Fitting Tools are made from high quality steel and heat treated for even greater strength.
  • These are used in pairs and are designed to fit both 2 peice and 3 peice rims, keeping the concept same.
  • One side of the lever has the leverage bar to take the leverage against the rim, for fitting the lock ring back.
  • One Leverage bar side in inserted in the lug nut hole to press the lock ring back from one end.
  • To avoid slippage, it is then kept in the same position, and other lever is positioned from other end to start pressing the lock ring. the same process is repeated for 2 or 3 peice rims.
  • The kit contents have code numbers infront of them, which can be ordered again .
  • Kit contains following items :
  • Valve Core Screw Driver 330002 – 1 No.
  • Ring Removal Tool 220914 – 1 No.
  • Ring Fitting Tool 221014 – 2 Nos.
  • Tyre Lever 220008 1 No.
  • Tyre Lever Crank End 220003 – 1 No.
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Weight: Code No
12.870kg 220303
17.470kg (With Bag) 220303B

The Kit contains the following items:

 Tool: Qty: Weight: Code No
 Bag with Wheels (optional) 1 No. 4.600kg 220302
 Ring Removal Too 1 No 3.500kg 220914
 Ring Fitting Tool 2 No 2.950kg 221014
 Tyre Lever 600mm 1 No 930gms 220008
 Tyre Lever with Crank End 1 No 1.360kg 220003
 Valve Core Screw Driver 1 No. 25gms 330002