Manual Tubeless Truck 22.5″ Tyre Mount Demount Tool Kit

Code: 220603
  •  Most Famous Sarv Manual Tyre changing Kit for 22.5″ Tubeless Truck Tires , simplifies the traditional way of changing the tyres!.
  • Sarv Manufactures a range of very sturdy and robust Tyre Levers which aid in easy Tyre Mounting and Demounting applications , and are durable for longer use .
  • All Sarv Tyre Levers are made of heavy duty steel which provide enough strength to mount and demount tires with even stiff beads.
  • This is a very specialised Tool Kit to manually change tubeless 22.5″ Truck Tires and is just a 1 man job!.
  • With this specialised tool kit an operator can easily mount in less than 20 seconds and demount the tire in less than 10 seconds.
  • Extremely Easy to use tool kit.
  • The Mount Demount tool levers are designed with plastic rollers to minimize the frction between tools and bead and minimizes the damage to the tire ,rims and beads saving tyre retreading costs.
  • Demounting Lever is specially designed to remove top bead and bottom bead without lifting rims.
  • Designed for 22.5″ radial and bias ply tires and super singles upto 315mm tyre width.
  • Both Mounting and Demounting levers come with non slip grip to provide enough leverage to the operator to work on all kinds of beads.
  • Mounting lever used along with Bead holding tool for 22.5″ tyres easily mounts back the top bead and botth bead without listing the rim in less than 20 seconds.
  • This is complete kit and you do not require any additional tools for tyre changing.
  • Sarv’s manufactured Impact bead breaker is spring operated and provides enough force to break the bead and not damage it.
  • Premium quality tyre lubricant made from vegetable grease is quick drying and provides ideal lubrication for tyre changing. Comes with a tyre paste brush which helps in easy application in and around the bead.
  • Bead Breaker helps in securing the bead againt slipping while mounting the tyre.
  • Duster can be used to clean off any dust and dirt.
  • Valve core screw driver is used to install /remove valve cores for tyre inflation and deflation.
  • Kit comes in a linen high quality bag with castor wheels for easy storage and portibility. This is optional. The kit contains the following items
  • Mounting Lever for Tubeless Truck/ Buses Tyre 220514 – 1 No.
  • Demounting Lever for Tubeless Truck/buses Tyre 220614 – 1 No.
  • Impact Bead Breaker 220134 -1 No.
  • Valve Core Screw Driver 330002-1No.
  • Bead Holder 220500 – 1 No.
  • Sarv Tyre Lubricant 1Kg 2200130 – 1 No.
  • Brush 220415 1 No.
  • Duster D0015
  • Bag with Wheels 220412 – 1No.
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The Kit contains the following items :

Product Name Qty Weight Code No.
Bag with Wheels (optional) 1 No. 4.600kg 220412
Mounting Lever 1 No. 2.950kg 220514
Demounting Lever 1 No. 10.100kg 220614
Impact Bead Breaker 1 No. 10.500kg 220134
Bead Holding Tool 1 No. 770gms 220500
Sarv Paste (Economy) 1 No. 1.000kg 2200130
Brush for Truck Tyre 1 No. 150gms 220415
Duster 1 No. 15gms D0015
Valve Core Screw Driver 1 No. 25gms 330002


Weight: 29.385kg


Packing Details

Box Size 129x23x16cm
No. of Pcs/Box 1 Kit
Gross Weight 31.450kg