Tubeless Tyre Mount/Demount Regular Tool Kit

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The Kit contains the following items :

Product Name Qty Weight Code No.
Bag with wheels (Optional) 1 No. 4.600kg 220412
Mounting Lever 1 No. 2.600kg 220414
Demounting Lever 1 No. 6.500kg 220314
Impact Bead Breaker 1 No. 10.500kg 220134
Bead Holding Tool 1 No. 770gms 220500
Valve Core Screw Driver 1 No. 25gms 330002
Sarv Paste (Economy) 1 No. 1.000kg 2200130
Brush for Truck Tyre 1 No. 150gms 220415
Duster 1 No. 15gms D0015


Weight: 25.435kg


Packing Details

Box Size 150x33x23cm
No. of Pcs/Box 1 Kit
Gross Weight 25.300kg