Steering Wheel Holder Stand Tool Wheel Alignment Quick Lifting Button

Code: 112384
  • Sarv’s Range of Wheel Alignment Machine accessories include steering wheel holders.
  • Sarv’s steering wheel holders hold the steering wheel securely in one position to carry the 3D /CCD wheel alignment for adjusting toe-in , toe-out and in centering the steering wheel.
  • Made from high quality Iron.
  • This particular steering wheel holder is erogonomically designed with a thumb lock releaseSmooth hooks and base ensure a secure fit that won’t damage the steering wheel and seat covers.
  • Pressing the locking switch can easily adjust the height with a loaded spring to fit a wide variety of cars. Erogonomically designed with a thumb lock release.
    Extends up to 14-1/2 inches
    Base diameter 4-1/2 inches
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Weight: 695gms
Note: The Steering Wheel Holder 112384 is suitable for Car/ Truck / Buses.
Length: 300mm

Packing Details

Box Size 46x33x27cm
No. of Pcs/Box 10 Pcs
Gross Weight 10.000kg