Tyre Injury Measuring Tool

Code: 4400041
  • Sarv’s Tyre Injury Measuring tool makes tyre repair work fairly easy and faster, as the the color codes easily determine the size of the mushroom patches/plug to be used for the repair.
  •  Tool measures injury upto 10mm, eliminates the guess work or multiple insertion the patch for the right size.
  •  Extremely easy to use, just insert the tool in the injury, the point where it stops is your injury size.
  •  Green Line is 3mm Injury
  • Yellow Line is 4.5mm Injury
  • Red Line is 6mm Injury
  • Blue Line is 8mm Injury
  • Orange Line is 10mm Injury
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Weight: 95gms

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Box Size 34x29x13cm
No. of Pcs/Box 50 Pcs
Gross Weight 5.150kg