Wheel Alignment Turn Plates for Trucks/Buses with run up ramp

Code: 1101117
  •  Sarv manufacturers a range of high precision Wheel Alignment Turn plates for high accuracy in Wheel Alignment Measurements.
  •  Turn plates are free floating with 360 degree movement in all directions , due to derlin balls underneath in a plastic cage which provide a low friction movement , and aids in measuring a variety of Alignment angles with accuracy.
  •  All Sarv Turn plates are robust with industrial grade designs and perfect for long term use.
  •  Comes with dual pin locking system to provide stability of slip plate for keeping the plates zeroed and in position while the vehicle drives up on them or even while turn plates are not in use
  •  These are equipped with built in handle for easy carriage and auto centering design
  •  This particular alignment Turntable is made from heavy duty steel , and electroless nickel plated for anti rust finish and extended life span.
  • Comes with a easy to read scale (0-60 Degrees left and right) which aids in easy reading of caster, camber and steering alignment. Slip Plate Diameter 350mm, 14″ . Size :
  •  120 Plastic Derline Balls Used with Dia : 18mm
  •  Capacity : 7 Tonnes
  •  Used Heavy Commercial Vehicles and Truck Bus wheel alignment.
  •  The Run up ramp makes it easy for the vehicle to centre on the turntable.
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Size: L-480mm, W-881mm, H-79mm
Capacity: 7000kg each having scale of ± 0° – 60°
Dia: Top Plate – 480mm
Weight: 67.00kg
Material: Special Steel. 120 Plastic balls(Ø18mm) used in plastic cage.