Wheel Rim Protector PU

Code: 2200410PU
  • Sarv manufactures a wide range of Tyre changing replacement plastic parts , made from high quality durable plastic to protect expensive alloy rims from damage and scratches while the operator works to mount/demount them.
  • Wheel Rim Protecters are attached to the rim edge and act as a point of contact between the tyre changing tools and the rim.
  • They protect the rim against the force applied by the tyre levers during tyre changing operations.
  • Come with a connecting rope, which make it easy to install/install them on the rim.
  • Comes in yellow color.
  • This Rim protector is made from special PU material which makes it more flexible and sturdy
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Weight: 40gms
Color: Yellow
Size: 150mm long

Packing Details

Box Size 55x45x46cm
No. of Pcs/Box 100 Pcs
Gross Weight 20.200kg