Wheel Rim Width & Inner Rim Dia Measuring Caliper 4″-13″

Code: 110008
  •  Wheel Balancing Accessory – SARV’s High quality wheel rim width calliper / measurement tool comes with ears for additional inner rim dia measurement is made from PA6 glass filled or ABS plastic accurately measures wheel rim widths and rim dia.
  • It can measure rim width starting from 3 inches up to 13 inches and inner Rim diameter from the other side from 10 inches to 17 inches. The scale is divided into 1 inch increments and is screen printed for easy & quick readability.
  • This calliper is suitable for all wheel balancers that need manual input of rim width while wheel balancing.
  • PA6 glass filled/ABS material has strong impact resistance, scratch resistance, moisture resistance, corrosion resistance – hence durable , light weight , easy to carry and use.
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Size: Measures wheel rim width from 4in. to 13in. Inner Dia 10in. to 17in.
Material: PA6 glass filled or ABS.
Finish: Black colour dull finish. The scales are screen printed for easy and quick readability.
Weight: 480gms

Packing Details

Box Size 44x44x36cm
No. of Pcs/Box 25 Pcs
Gross Weight 14.500kg