Wheel Weight Remover & Fixer/Hammer for Clip on Weight

Code: 110029
  • Wheel Balancing Accessory -Sarv’s Wheel Weight Remover & Fixer/hammer is a high quality tool for easily removal and installation of slip on weights for correct wheel balancing.
  • The tool is able to quickly able to remove wheel weights from the rims with their rear mounted claw.
  • Hammer is made in soft nylon plastic to hammer specially coated weights without damaging them.
  • Anti-slip fibre handle is 4 times stronger than wood which provides enough leverage for hammering. The handle comes in laquer finish.
  • The hammer can work on most of the clip on wheel weights – lead, zinc and steel and rims- steel, aluminium or chrome wheel.
  • Claw hook/ weight removal hook is replaceable with part number 110029PIN.
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Size: 280mm long
Weight: 440gms
Material: Pin made from special Spring Steel.

Packing Details

Box Size 33x33x34cm
No. of Pcs/Box 50 Pcs
Gross Weight 23.300kg