Valve Core Screw Driver with Torque for TPMS Valves!

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Sarv Introduces its Valve core screw driver with torque (3300414) for screwing/unscrewing valve cores of expensive TPMS valves for normal bores.

The torque is preset to 0.04N which ensures tightening to a sufficient torque and helps in preventing over torqueing which can damage the core.  If the core is loosely tightened, it may not do its function at all. If a core is tightly secured, it can damage it and can sometimes lead to its breakage. This screw driver by providing the requisite torque for the core, protects the TPMS valves sensor cores. These are light weight, durable, easy to use and provide a firm anti slip grip at the handle.

These can be used for normal cores as well but finds its more importance with TPMS valve sensor cores.

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