DIY guide to using Sarv’s Tubeless Tyre Repair Puncture Kit !A must have in Every Car & Puncture Shop!

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Use Sarv’s Temporary Puncture Repair Kit(440007) for repairing punctures on the go while travelling or use it in your shop if you are a mechanic yourself!

A MUST have in every car and passenger car mechanic shop.  Manufactured by Sarveshwari Engineers, India, the tools are sturdy and do not break under pressure applied while inserting them in the tyre injury path. The Puncture seals are of international quality and have a good stickiness to them, this provides temporary repair for a longer duration. Due to their long shelf life, you don’t need to worry about their durability! 

A Guide to Use Sarv’s Puncture Kit:

Fully Insert the Spiral Probe and then remove it to clear the injury path.

Remove 1 puncture repair string from the flap.

Remove the needle from the tyre. String is left behind in the tyre which seals the puncture.

Puncture Repaired!

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