Your Guide to Using Wheel Balancing Accessories Kit

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Wheel Balancing is required in every wheel that has been on the road. Uneven surface of the roads cause wear & tear of the tyre. This leads to overall unbalance in the wheel. A vehicle with unbalances wheels will experience wobbling and uneven tyre wear. To correct this good wheel balancing machines are used by the operators.

Like any Wheel balancing machines to detect the correct unbalance, good quality wheel balancing accessories should be used to support it.

SARV has been there for years to provide you with the best in class wheel balancing accessories starting with its internationally recognized and famous wheel balancing weight plier.

To know our complete range of wheel balancing accessories click here :

Wheel Balancing Weight Plier/Weight Hammer:

For Securely, Fastening, cutting & loosening of Steel Weights. Click here to see our range and details.

Rim Width Caliper:

Used as an essential accessory of Semi-Automatic Wheel Balancing machines to measure the width of the rim , an important component while calculating the wheel unbalance. Click here to see our range and details.

Wheel Balancing Cones & Wheel Clamping Cups/ Pressure Cups:

Most Important accessory for wheel balancing machines. Cones & Pressure cups help in properly and evenly mounting & holding the centre of the wheel on the wheel balancer shaft. Available in various shapes & sizes , ask for your model now! Click here to see our range and details.

Other Wheel Balancing Accessories :


Adhesive Weight Cutter:

Cuts the Adhesive weights from its strips up to the required weight. Click here to see our range and details.

Adhesive Weight Remover: 

Removes the Adhesive Weight strip from the rim. Click here to see our range and details.

Adhesive Weight Remover Plier:

Grips the adhesive weights removes it from its strip on the rim. Keep the rim scratch free. Click here to see our range and details.

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