Finally, It’s here! 5 Pin Wheel Alignment Clamp with grab arms by Sarv for Mercedes, BMW & Audi Cars!

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Now protect your expensive Mercedes, BMW & Audi Wheel rims from scratches and unwanted scrapings while doing wheel alignment procedures.

Introducing 5 Pin Wheel Alignment Clamp by SARV ( 5541024), specially designed for high end luxury cars, grabs the tyre with its grab arms from the tread of the tyre rather than the rims keeping the rims damage free and making the alignment more accurate

Holes between mounting            bolts.

The legs of the wheel clamp are mounted on the wheel through the 5 holes- 1 hole between each mounting bolt and eventually locates itself onto brake disc flange behind the wheel.

This eliminates the scratches due to the pins attaching to the rims and inaccuracy due to the possibility of ill fitment of traditional clamps. It also reduces the chances of expensive sensors falling on the ground as traditional clamps can slip from the rim. These clamps are more securely attached to the tyre.

The tyre is grabbed by 2 grab arms from the tread area on the sides and securely fits on the rim. The screw knob in the center is rotated to adjust the degree of firmness of the grab arms to the tyre.

Can easily fir on the tyres with rims size from 12”-24”

Look Out for SARV’s 5 Pin Wheel Alignment clamp if you are looking for a faster & damage free adjustment of wheel clamps on the wheel!

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