Sarv Introducing Adhesive Wheel Weight Removing Plier! Easily Removes Adhesive Weights from the Alloy Rims without Damaging the Rims!

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More Advanced than conventional methods, Very Easy to Operate and an economical way to remove adhesive weights and keep your Alloy Rim damage free.!

This specially designed plier is used to separate the weights from their adhesive strip without coming in contact with the rim.

Made from the same high-quality material as other weight pliers manufactured by SARV, this useful, durable & ergonomically designed tool makes it easier to remove the adhesive wheel weights. 

Adhesive Wheel Weight Removing Plier from Sarv 110204, offers angled jaws and allows adhesive weights taped to the rims to be removed safely and securely without damaging the expensive alloy rims.

The angled jaws are designed to securely grip “ONLY” the adhesive weights without touching the rim and removes them easily from their adhesive strip by applying the right pressure. The Plier grips the weight in such a way that it does not get in touch with the rim surface, thus automatically protecting it from any damage or scratches. The jaws of the plier can easily grip the adhesive weights which are 1.2mm to 2.8 mm in thickness and made from any material such as Iron, Zinc & Alu etc . The remaining adhesive tape on the rim is then easily pulled off by hands.

In case of whole weight strip is attached to the rim, the weights are removed step by step until the entire weight strip comes out.

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