Make Sarv one stop for your needs of Rubber Pads!! Pick & Choose Rubber Pads for Columns of your Two Post , Scissor & Four Post Passenger Car lifts and Tyre Changing Machines!!

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This year after a lot of requests from our happy customers we have tried to include a huge range of rubber pads for passenger car lifts & Tyre changing machines for our customers.

Sarv Introduces 29 “round” rubber pad designs compatible with a variety of two post passenger car lifts in the market manufactured by us. Sarv’s “cuboidal” (Solid & Rectangular) rubber pad designs compatible with a variety of Scissor lifts & Four Post Lifts for passenger car lifts in the market are Robust & sturdy made in house with virgin rubber (Pure, without impurities) and right weight endurance capacity, add durability to your lifts and protect your vehicle!

Below are the details of All the Tyre changing Rubber Pads we offer to you. Rubber Pads in the tyre changing machines protect the expensive rims from any further damage.

Ask US or Place an Order NOW for your Rubber Pad!

Place your order in Two simple steps :

1)Look for the Rubber Pad you are already using and compare with the SARV Code. Send us the code with the qty you require.

2) Send us your machine details and we will share the possible rubber pads for you.To order your Rubber Pad for Two Post Passenger Car lift from anywhere worldwide or to enquire about other SARV accessories ( Wheel Balancing Accessories , Tyre Changing accessories, Wheel Alignment Accessories , Tyre Service , Repair & Valve Tools , Tyre Levers , Puncture Repair Kits etc )  from our complete range, write to us at [email protected] or visit our website