Need a Wheel Lug Nut Cover Puller? Try Sarv’s 220057 Lug Nut Cover Puller

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Special Note: Only Applies to wheels with Wheel Lug Nut/Bolt/Nut Cover. To unscrew the wheel lug nuts/bolts the caps of the lug nuts/bolts should be removed first. This is safely done with the application of wheel lug nut removers!

Ruggedly built Lug Nut Cover Puller (220057) from SARV, provides an easy application to remove Stainless Steel or Chrome Plate Truck Wheel Nut Covers or Lug Nut Covers. Ergonomically designed anti-slip handle for a better grip to remove the tough lug nut caps of Truck Wheels. Easily 32mm and 33mm lug nut covers

Upto 10inches in length provides a greater scope to remove wheel nut lug nut covers from deep area in concave structure of the rear tires of the commercial vehicles. The handle supports the hand to provide right amount of pressure. Soft vinyl coating on handles and jaws protects the surface of nut cover from damage during its removal and provides anti slippery grip. 

  “DIY” : Extremely Easy in Application :

1)Place the jaws of the remover over the lug nut cap until it sits firmly with each other’s hexagonal shape.

2)Apply pressure on the remover to remove the cap depending on the toughness of the cap’s removal.

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