Sarv Introduces Tire Lever for Mounting/Dismounting of Tubeless Truck/Bus Tyres of Trilex Rims

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Sarveshwari Engineers, globally well-known manufacturers for accessories & niche garage tools for Tyre Service Industry have introduced a new addition to their lineup of Tyre Levers/ Tire Levers – The Trilex Lever ( 221314)  potential to greatly increase productivity and reduce service technician fatigue and injuries, as well as prevent damage to rims and tires.

This tool can be used on tires from 17.5”-24.5”, Super Singles, Super-wide base tires and with both Dayton and Bud type disc wheels. Tubeless tires can be dismounted in as little as eight seconds and mounted in as little as twenty seconds by most operators.To order your Tyre lever for trilex rims anywhere worldwide or to enquire about other SARV accessories ( Wheel Balancing Accessories , Tyre Changing accessories, Wheel Alignment Accessories , Tyre Service , Repair & Valve Tools , Tyre Levers , Puncture Repair Kits etc )  from our complete range, write to us at [email protected] or visit our website