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Tyre Levers are used professionally for Mounting or Demounting of Tyres on and off the wheel rims. They can be used for Manual Mounting or Demounting Operations OR used as accessories to Tyre changing Machines. They reduce the fatigue of the operator while changing the tyre.

Sarv’s In house manufactured Tyre Levers potentially increase productivity and reduce service technician fatigue and injuries, as well as prevent damage to rims and tires.

These Levers are ergonomically designed & manufactured inhouse by Sarv, which prevent damage to the rim and the bead. These levers securely set the beads on the drop centers of the rims when used with tires pastes while mounting.

Certain Tyre Levers are deigned to carry both the operations i.e Mounting & Demounting from each side respectively.

Sarv covers a wide range of Tyre Levers suitable for Mounting/Demounting of TUBELESS OR TUBETYPE Moto Tyres, Passenger Car Tyres , Truck Tyres & OTR Tyres on European or American Rims. Different Shapes of the tyre levers depend on the stiffness of beads and design of rims.

We have specially designed Tyre Mounting/Demounting Tool Kits for Moto & Commerical Vehicle Tyres.

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