Looking for Wheel Weight Pliers? Sarv is the solution for you!

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For Years Sarv has been voted as the best brand for Wheel Weight Pliers by OEMS all over the world. Our Pliers are ergomically designed in various color and style to suit your machines and requirement for both Passenger car and Truck/Bus Wheel Balancing Machines     . They are sturdy, robust and add a value to your wheel balancing machine.

This multifunctional tools can do the following operations :

  1. The jaws can Remove and Fix wheel weights to the wheel rims.
  2. The Hammer Head secures the grip of the wheel weight to the rim.
  3. It can cut adhesive strip to the required length.
  4. It can re shape the hook of wheel weights for a better grip on the rim/ Bend the wheel weights to require position.

To order your Wheel Balancing Weight Pliers or to enquire about other SARV accessories ( Wheel Balancing Accessories , Tyre Changing accessories, Wheel Alignment Accessories , Tyre Service , Repair & Valve Tools , Tyre Levers , Puncture Repair Kits etc )  from our complete range, write to us at [email protected] or visit our website www.sarveshwari.com