4″long Black Repair Strings

Code: 44RS07BK
  • Sarv’s Tubeless Tyre Premium Puncture Repair Strings are manufactured with high quality rubber and provide ample adhesion to seal tyre injuries for temporary repair.
  • String’s high tensile strength yet flexibility due to twisted design ensures it does not break while inserting it in the needles and in the injury.
  • Once the strings are inserted, the rubber securely seals the injury and provides great adhesion.
  • Our Repair Strings come in various Sizes and colours.
  • This particular String is 4″ Long and Black in color , designed for Tubeless Tyre Passeger Car, LCV Repair.
  • 1 Tubeless tyre puncture repair Strip contains 5 repair strings.
  • Color : Black
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Size: 4in. long
Color: Black
Weight: 15gms
Packing: 1 Flap consists of 5 Repair Strings.