Rigid Pump Ring Bead Seater for avoid inflation leakages in Bent or Deformed rims.

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These rigid Pump rings are particularly used for avoiding leakages in the Bent or DEFORMED Rims. Air has more scope to escape out when inflating the tyre from extra gaps formed between deformed rim and tyre than the conventionally designed tyres. When placed over and around a deformed rim, it seals the gaps caused due the rim deformity due to its sturdiness and thickness. The Rubber ring in it provides anti slippery contact between the rim and the rigid pump ring. This then provides safe and sure seating of tubeless tyres.

“DIY” Steps to use Sarv’ Rigid Pump Rings/ Bead Seaters

Place the rigid pump                                      As the air starts filling                              Once the tyre is fully inflated ring on the Tyre bead Rim Flange facing outwards        pump rings starts coming out    ring automatically comes up   

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