SARV Introducing Universal Quick-Change Adaptor! Speeden your process of changing between Plastic & Metal Duck Head/ Mounting Demounting Tool!

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Latest time saving addition to the Sarv product List, Quick change adaptor (224418) simplifies and speeds up your process of changing plastic duck heads into Steel duck heads and vice-versa on a tyre changer machine.

Plastic Duck Heads are used while tyre changing of Expensive Aluminum Rims in order to keep them scratch free. Metal duck heads are used for steel rims which are less expensive.

However, problems come when operators need to juggle between both kind of duck heads to change different rims. Traditionally operators need to mount/demount complete assembly of each duck(Metal & Plastic) separately. This is time consuming and can take upto 2-3 mins of operating time.

With the latest quick-change adaptor, it offers a quick-change system that allows the tire changer operator to switch between mount/demount duck heads in less than 30 seconds.! Amazing isn’t it?

Suitable for 28 & 29mm shaft diameters,

The kit comes with following parts :

1)Plastic Duck Head/ Plastic Mount Demount Tool with Tool Holder.

2)Tool Holder for Metal Duck/Mount Demount Tool

3)Quick Change  Adaptor.

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