Sarv Launching Manual Bead Pressing Tool Kit for Stiff Side Walls!

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No Run Flat Tyre Changing Machine??But need to change low profile tyres??

Don’t worry we have a solution for you. 😊 Now, easily change low profile tyres on your convectional tyre changing machine with this accessory:

Sarv’s Manual Bead Pressing Tool Kit (2200411) is a bead pressing tool used as an accessory of conventional tyre changing machines while mounting tyres with stiff side walls. It provides an additional support to the tyre changing machine to press the stiff low profile tyres or run flat tyres, whose beads do not easily get pressed with conventional bead holding tools/rim clamps. Compatible with most of the tyre changer models (Write to us for more details).

The Kit contains:

1)Bead Pressing Arm

2) Holder for Arm: For storing the bead pressing arm on the tyre changing machine

3)Bracket for Bead Pressing Arm: Works as an attachment for the Bead Pressing Arm. Bracket is attached to the base of the mount demount tool head/base of the duck head. The arm slides through the bracket and functions.

In short, Sarv’s Manual Bead Pressing Tool helps to keep the tyre bead off the rim while mounting the tyre with stiff side walls on conventional tyre changing machines.

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