Tubeless Tyre TPMS Valve Installation tool – Push Type Tool by Sarv!

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Traditional Valve installation tools are Pull Type which means they insert the valve in a rim by pulling it out of the rim hole from inside the rim. Push Type Mechanism involves pushing the valve in the rim hole from outside the rim.

Push type tools are required to safely and securely set the transmitter of TPMS(Tyre Pressure Mounting system) valve along the rim, without damaging it or getting it clashed with the rim.

The traditional Valve Installation Tools hold the valve from its top while the push type tools hold the valve from its bottom end(from the transmitter).

3 Simple “DIY” steps to Install a Valve with Push Type Valve !!!

1)Insert the Valve in the Valve Installation Tool as shown in the picture.

2)Place the valve in the rim hole and tool’s hook over the rim flange as shown in the picture. The hook has a protective & anti slippery plastic covering to avoid rim damage while pressure is applied on it.

3)Apply pressure on the tool handle and push it down. This will in turn push the valve in the rim hole. The castor wheel help in focusing tools pressure on the valve to correctly insert in the hole.

4)Please make sure the valve is inserted correctly with transmitter and the rim having an even gap between them from outside rim and valve stem correctly coming out of the rim from inside the rim.To order your Tubeless TPMS Tyre Valve Installation Tool anywhere worldwide or to enquire about other SARV accessories ( Wheel Balancing Accessories , Tyre Changing accessories, Wheel Alignment Accessories , Tyre Service ,Repair & Valve Tools , Tyre Levers , Puncture Repair Kits etc )  from our complete range, write to us at [email protected] or visit our website